Product Categories

We categorize our products according to the Multi-Tier Energy Access Framework (MTF). To learn about Abramba's product categorization...

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Standards, Product Testing and Product Certification

Abramba's products are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed global and Ethiopian standards. We work closely with the Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise (ECAE) and the Ethiopian Standards Agency (ESA) in order to ascertain that our products fully comply with the relevant standards. We fully support and appreciate the important and necessary work these agencies perform to define appropriate standards and conduct product testing and certification.


To date, we are proud to state that two of the pico/mini solar home system (SHS)/solar lantern system (SLS) products we submitted for certification - the ATSHS10W and ATLAN5W/ATSLS5W - have been successfully tested by ESA and certified by ECAE. Please refer to the ECAE website for product certification information and valid license numbers here. Additionally, we have submitted a number of our replacement LED bulb models for product testing by ESA. While these products have passed all test requirements according to the relevant standards Abramba has not submitted them for product certification yet.

Certified Products


  1. 1. Product Category: Pico/Mini Solar Home System (SHS)
  2.     Mfr. Model No: ATSHS10W
  3.     HS Code: 9405.4010
  4.     Compliance Standards No: CES 140:2015 (ES IEC TS 62257-9-8:2020)
  5.     Certification License No: 640065
  6.     Issue Date: October 7, 2021 (27/01/2014 EC)
  7.     Valid Until: October 6, 2024 (26/01/2017 EC)
  9. 2. Product Category: Pico/Mini Solar Lantern System (SLS)
  10.     Mfr. Model No: ATLAN5W/ATSLS5W
  11.     HS Code: 9405.4010
  12.     Compliance Standards No: CES 140:2015 (ES IEC TS 62257-9-8:2020)
  13.     Certification License No: 640064
  14.     Issue Date: August 19, 2021 (13/12/2013 EC)
  15.     Valid Until: August 18, 2024 (12/12/2016 EC)

Tested Products (Not Yet Submitted for Certification)


  1. 1. Product Category: Replacement LED Bulb (Grid Connected)
  2.     Mfr. Model No: ATACLED5/7/9W
  3.     HS Code: 8539.9000
  4.     Compliance Standards No: ES IEC 62612/ES IEC 62560
  5.     Certification License No: N/A
  6.     Test Date: September 23, 2020 (13/01/2013 EC)
  7.     Results: PASSED (according to submitted specifications)
  9. 2. Product Category: Replacement LED Bulb+Backup Battery (Grid Connected)
  10.     Mfr. Model No: ATACLEDBB9W
  11.     HS Code: 8539.9000
  12.     Compliance Standards No: N/A
  13.     Certification License No: N/A
  14.     Test Date: August 19, 2021 (13/12/2013 EC)
  15.     Results: PENDING STANDARD

Abramba's Current Products

SHS - 2
Pico/Mini SHS

Our pico/mini solar home systems and lanterns belong to tier 1 according to the MTF and include entry-level,  portable and plug-and-play type solar home systems

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Home - 4
Off-Grid Products

Our tier 2 and above off-grid products provide higher level of functionality and include stand-alone solar panels, larger solar home systems, solar water pumps, etc. 

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On-Grid Products

Our on-grid (AC) products are intended to make energy hungry products more efficient. These include LED bulbs, tube-lights and other grid-connected LED lighting products 

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