Abramba Technologies | Why Solar
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Why Solar

The thrilling potential for off-grid solar energy - Amar Inamdar

Our Drive towards Solar

With unprecedented economic growth and globalization witnessed in recent human history, we are witnessing the rapid depletion of traditional sources of energy – such as coal and other carbon-based fuels, without the ability for nature to replenish them. More importantly, scientists have concluded that the ever increasing demand for energy and reliance on these carbon-based energy sources is adversely affecting the planet to be less hospitable for humans (and every living creature that lives on the planet) because of global warming and other reasons. There is no doubt that the use of clean, renewable energy is the only alternative humans have to reverse the damage already done to the planet and ensure the peaceful longevity of humans in the future.


Of all the renewable energy sources, solar energy is one of the most efficient and reliable forms of energy available for humans. With continuing advances in technology that can harness solar energy and transform it to other usable forms of energy, the world has seen a clear shift towards the increasing use of solar energy for many applications in recent years. This technological advance has also made solar energy as affordable as other forms of energy in many everyday applications. In some cases, solar energy is the only viable form of energy that can be used. At Abramba, we believe that solar energy, coupled with other renewable energy sources AND the use of energy saving practices, has the potential to transform the living standards of a significant portion of the world population – especially those that have traditionally been disadvantaged in having reliable sources of electricity. So, in short, we want to be part of the solution by working with the community we serve to build a future that is bright and clean using solar energy.


Listen to this TEDTALK to be inspired about the potential of solar energy and learn about a new paradigm of energy generation and use in improving the lives of so many people all over the world – especially in Africa.