Abramba Technologies | About Us
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About Us

Introduction to Abramba Technologies

Abramba Technologies is a company focused on the design and manufacturing of solar and efficient lighting products for the residential, commercial and public sectors in Ethiopia. We aspire to be one of the leading technology pioneers positioned to support and sustain the capacity building of Ethiopia’s nascent efficient lighting and renewable energy industry.

Our strategy envisions the establishment of a local high-tech manufacturing enterprise through the introduction of intellectual property, technical, marketing and management know-how. Our goal is to help build an industry capable of manufacturing globally competitive efficient lighting and electrical products leveraging renewable resources both for the local and regional markets. To realize our strategy, we partner with local human capital to perform research and development of advanced technologies in the particular fields that Abramba focuses on. We believe that working towards furthering the educational and vocational training of Ethiopians to enhance their competencies will positively influence in the creation of a reliable, competitive intellectual base that can be passed on the next generation.

With this strategy in mind, Abramba Technologies was established in 2015, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as a subsidiary of Newport Spectrum Technologies – a US based technology company targeting the efficient and renewable energy sector. Abramba is currently building a manufacturing facility in Bahir Dar and is preparing for the commencement of its manufacturing operations around the end of 2018. When completed, this facility will deploy state-of-the-art technology, machinery and manufacturing processes. It will also bring advanced laboratory equipment used in testing of products to meet, and often exceed, global lighting and energy efficiency standards. Production capacity is designed to be scalable and high volume/output capable to satisfy the increasing local and regional market demand.

Our current product portfolio includes grid-connected efficient replacement LED bulbs, LED tube lights and other LED lighting fixtures as well as portable solar home systems and lanterns used as primary sources of light and power for off-grid communities. Within a short period, we intend to expand our product portfolio to include grid-connected LED street lights, solar powered LED street lights, LED displays and other LED-based systems and solar powered products with varying practical and useful applications, especially in rural communities, such as solar powered water pumps and water heaters.

Abramba’s grand vision is to play a pivotal role in the realization of renewable, efficient, cost-effective and widespread electrical power access in Ethiopia, ultimately helping support the overall improvement of the living standards of Ethiopians.

Our Values


Bring a broad set of technologies and competencies to the market and exemplify professional excellence.


Deeply committed to our customers and work hard to advance their interests.


Build a long-term relationship with our customers and earn their trust.


We serve our customer with utmost character integrity.


We are competitive and believe in hard work.

Technology Excellence

We are a technology company dedicated to deliver leading edge products and excellent service to our customers.